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Achieve 66% more with your strategic outcomes.

Create structured plans with teams

Give structure to your plans and clarity to your teams. Clearly define top level strategy and then break it down to individual teams – their goals, objectives, and key metrics.

Align teams to execute your strategy

Focus and align your teams towards the bigger picture. Enable effective collaboration between cross-functional teams by destroying silos.

Know your strategy's status in real time

Quickly understand the state of your plans. See which teams are working well, and which need help. Know the progress against KPIs without having to chase for updates and reports.

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ROIC supported the British Council in adapting, testing and implementing our Global M&E Toolkit in Jamaica for Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme; a one of a kind project in the Americas. We were the first country office to utilise this toolkit, and with ROIC’s support we were able to reach and gather data from our beneficiaries islandwide at various levels and report back to our funders, partners and stakeholders the impact and reach of our programme. We are now able to utilise the M&E report developed by RIOC to establish future partnerships in line with our business development needs.

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Damion Campbell
Programme Manager, British Council