Vision and Mission

Our Vision (what we aspire to be)

By 2027, revenues beyond a billion dollars, and ROIC the brand of choice for technology and strategy services by more clients in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our Mission (what we actually do)

Providing technology, evidenced-based strategy design, and certifications for public and private organisations led by top experts motivated to help clients create sustainable wins.

A brand name firm for business analytics, advisory, and technical support services while transforming the business landscape to increase Jamaica’s start-up success rate.

A brand name firm for business analytics, advisory, and technical support services while transforming the business landscape to increase Jamaica’s start-up success rate.

Core Values

At ROIC, core values are the guiding principles for how employees engage with each other, approach their work, and serve customers and stakeholders. They are the set of traits, attributes or attitudes that ROIC wants employees to embrace and engender, as they represent the brand.


We live by the motto, “We only need one chance to make an impression”. Therefore, we must do it right the first time. Our clients and stakeholders expect only consistent quality from our management, staff, contractors, partners, and associates. Therefore, at ROIC, quality is a habit and obsession. People will be judged throughout the organisation by the quality of their work. The necessary systems, policies, capabilities must be developed to ensure consistency in quality.

Honouring Commitments

Deadlines are not moving targets. These are contracts made with our valued clients and with each other as staff, contract, and associates at ROIC. Breaching a contract is a dishonour and should be avoided at all cause where possible. Proper planning, self-management and task management should be done to ensure we honour commitments to clients, staff, contractors, associates, partners, interns, and others.

Learning Organization

We should approach learning individually and collectively as a professor would. They should continuously seek to learn, become thought leaders and public work to maintain a strong brand and credibility in our communities. We are in the business of manufacturing knowledge, distilling insights and renting intelligence. Learning and continuous advancement must become the centre of our universe.

Executive Intelligence

It is a distinct set of aptitudes that an individual must be able to demonstrate in three central contexts of work: the accomplishment of tasks, working with and through other people, and judging oneself and adopting one’s behaviour accordingly”. It is an expanded and applied type of critical thinking; specifically, it is how an individual skilfully uses the available information as a guide to thought and action. Each employee, contractor and associate are encouraged to invest in Executive Intelligence by Justin Menkes. At ROIC, we take offence to the phrase, “How we use to do it back then” or “that’s how we do it at X place”. We should develop the ability to read our context and assess our needs and apply scenarios and find the best set of solutions. If we end using a previous solution that add value, that is fine, but it should not be where we start, or someone expect to impose “what or how we did it” on the team. At ROIC, we are not into “cutting and pasting”. We want to cultivate executive intelligence throughout the organisation. We should also encourage constructive debate. Integrate matters and never accept things at face value.


To paraphrase Jack Welch, if you can tell six years old that they fail a test, we should not have a problem telling an adult about their performance. At ROIC we embrace open, honest, and frank dialogue at all levels of the organisation. Each person should know where they stand on performance. It should be the way we operate even outside of performance talk. We should be able to talk openly about the things that are good about the organisation, a leader or team members and likewise about the things that affect us or can be improved. This must always be done in a professional and respectful manner. Additionally, performance is key. As a college student, if your GPA falls below a certain point, you must sit out of the university for at least a year. It should be no different at ROIC. People whose performance falls below a certain level should not be allowed to stay at ROIC. Each employee, contractor, associate, or intern must understand this from day one.

Good Causes

We should individually and collectively align ourselves to good causes that will advance humanity. The first good cause that is a basic requirement for being at ROIC, you should strive for good health and well-being. We want to create a working environment to support good health and well-being. ROIC strives to be the best organisation to work for in the Caribbean. We should also devote time, talent, and other resources to finding solutions to meaningful problems in our society. Some of these causes will be an employee or team lead. Let Jamaica, the Caribbean and the world be a better place because of you, ROIC’s staff, associates, partners, contractors, suppliers, and interns.

Our Mission

Providing Clients with Insights

Licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under licence number 138/11 in accordance with the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

Implementation Support

Investor’s money is kept in segregated accounts with top-tier banks that cannot be claimed by creditors or used by us. Account base currencies are available in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and JPY.

Competitive Advantage.

Our Extreme Transparency Policy ensures that the client receives a transparent price feed, transparent liquidity, transparent historical data, transparent market information at all times.

Business Advice

We are a proud member of the Investor Compensation Fund which acts as a guarantor of last resort for our investors. IFC covers the maximum amount of 20.000 EUR for MiFID clients.

Operational and strategic Success

Through the use of an automated transaction monitoring and risk management system, a Consulting WP client’s account will never be allowed to reach negative balance.

Our Values


ROIC is grounded in the philosophy that, “Everything rises and falls on leadership” (John Maxwell). Therefore, each member of the team must seek to demonstrate this value despite their position or responsibilities. Additionally, as a reputable firm, our leadership is a major differentiator from our competitors in the industry. ROIC is also a thought leader in the industry and takes responsibility to pioneer, innovate and invent products, services, models and frameworks to help our clients with breakthroughs in dealing with their most challenging problems.


In serving our clients and staff, ROIC commits to doing what is ethical and legal even if it is not popular. ROIC is known in the industry for honouring its commitments, even when not in writing.


ROIC holds to be true that human resource is and will be the primary differentiator for success even with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. To be a good fit for ROIC firm, employees must have the strength of character and a zeal to win year after year even when the going gets tough. For the firm to be a thought leader and an innovator, it’s management should be prepared to take bold decisions, make mistakes without losing the zest to innovate and pioneer.


ROIC is committed to making clients better off by providing them with the right information for decision-making. ROIC and its employees must at all times communicate professionally and honestly with each client. Therefore, each employee is required to be honest with clients about where he/she is or the organization.


ROIC is driven to transform people’s lives through financial education and financial through to help overcome the most entrenched negative financial habits. ROIC is also driven to positively transform the businesses, the lives of clients and employees and make an indelible mark in the sector.

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