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Strategic Management Services

ROIC is a leading consulting firm for strategic management in collaboration with our partner Balanced Scorecard Institute. The Institute has served some of the largest organizations in the world with its proprietary, Award-Winning Nine Steps to Success Framework for strategy development. ROIC is happy to support executives in determining the strategic direction of their firms or organizations to support their growth, expansion, and increased shareholders’ value and sustainability.

ROIC’s strategic planning consultancies are grounded in research and data analytics as a core pre-activity before the executive gets into planning. This ensures valuable critical and strategic thinking is stimulated to generate new insights. With our partner Balanced Scorecard Institute, we support executives and their firms with:

• Strategic planning, cascading and alignment of strategy, and operational planning
• Strategy execution assessment and implementation, including establishing an Office of Strategy Management
• Change management and communication of your organization’s strategy
• Auditing your existing plan and evaluating implementation efforts
• Performance Analysis and Software Implementation.