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Software Services

ROIC is the Caribbean partner and distributor of the #1 Strategy Management Software in the world. Cascade allows you to:

  1. Automate your monthly and quarterly reports and gather critical insights as a leader with few clicks.
  2. Get appeal visualization on organization, department, team, and individual performance.
  3. Do away with time-consuming spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, redundant reports, meetings, etc.
  4. Bring all departments, managers, and employees into a central, interconnected point of interaction and communication.
  5. Make quick decisions based on real-time information
  6. Input various department plans into a single software for seamless integration
  7. Monitor performance accurately

Cascade is built with the enterprise in mind. Get access to our strategy software features – unlimited strategic plans, goals, dashboards, reports, and users.

Cascade also understands the importance of your business information. Some of the largest organizations in the world run their business from Cascade, which is why we are relentless about security and reliability. Aside from allowing for custom security policies, Cascade takes unprecedented steps to ensure your confidential and sensitive data remains secure.

ROIC also has an advisory role on strategic management software and will help you to make better decisions once we understand your needs.

ROIC is also the Caribbean partner for System International Systems that supports governments and large international NGOs and multilateral with software for case management, e-justice, jail management system, performance management, budgeting, public investment management system, and monitoring and evaluation.