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Synergy International Systems Inc

Empowering Impact - Driven Organizations

Synergy International Systems, Inc. (“Synergy”) is a software development and consulting tech company helping governments, international organizations, and non-profits harness the power of information technology for social impact since 1997.

With offices worldwide and more than 300 employees, we have successfully completed complex, large-scale projects in over 80 countries and earned a reputation across the world as a credible, reliable, and adaptable partner.


Our Areas of Expertise

Our digital transformation case studies highlight our success across various sectors as diverse as financial services, justice, public sector, development and more.

Development Effectiveness

Monitor & Analyze Aid Flows & Improve Management of Development Interventions

Over the past decade, a new global consensus has emerged on the importance of delivering development aid more effectively. From the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness to the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation, the central theme is country ownership. Developing countries must lead the sustainable development of their societies, with the international community supporting national and local priorities.

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Modernize The Justice System To Build Public Trust​

Synergy provides a judiciary performance measurement and management solution that combines case statistics with staff performance assessments. This allows you to understand how you are performing against predefined targets and strategic plans.

From monitoring the progress of the strategic plan, to tracking budget allocation and execution, and evaluating staff performance per assigned milestone or task, the Synergy Judiciary Performance Management System is a great tool for learning and identifying the areas where budget or human resources need to be directed to achieve a greater impact.

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Social Protection

Strengthening Control & Accountability Mechanisms Of Social Safety Net Programs

Social protection policies and social safety net programs are essential for any society seeking to reduce poverty and the vulnerability of its citizens by providing insurance, social benefits or social assistance transfers to ameliorate socioeconomic challenges like unemployment, illness, disability and old age.

However, large-scale social protection programs can be fraught with implementation issues, delays, and subject to abuse or fraud. Such challenges are exacerbated when the government institutions or NGOs responsible for delivering social services lack reliable and complete information to manage their programs efficiently. Studies by the World Bank and other sources have shown that implementing a cohesive social protection information system is an essential success factor for social protection systems.

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Improving Planning, Assessment, Compliance Monitoring & Impact Assessment Of Environmental Projects

Global climate change, deforestation, wasteful energy policies, overuse of resources are just some critical environmental challenges facing our planet today. Governments and development organizations recognize the urgency of tackling these challenges in order for people and communities to live sustainably.

Environmental planning and management is becoming increasingly data-driven and tech-savvy. A key aspect of this trend is the growing use of online software technology to perform such varied functions as tracking the chain of custody of forest products or measuring the outcomes and effectiveness of environmental projects.

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Water & Sanitation

Access To Safe Water, Adequate Anitation And Proper Hygiene Information

The paramount importance of access to safe drinking water and sanitation services for all people as a fundamental human need and a basic human right has been recognized by country governments, international organizations, and development agencies. A number of factors directly influence the countries’ success in achieving the internationally agreed-upon targets for sanitation and hygiene, such as substantial economic resources, solid institutional frameworks, clear and feasible policies and strategies, as well as sustainable technological solutions.

There is a growing recognition that effective management of a country’s water and sanitation sector (WSS) requires the use of information technology. In particular, a comprehensive management information system can furnish up-to-date data and analytics on WSS activities throughout the country, track the progress of key indicators and monitor performance towards sector goals and simplify coordination and information sharing.

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Streamline Education Planning, Budgeting & Reporting

Synergy’s Education Management Information System (EMIS) is an education data collection, analysis, and reporting toolset targeted at the needs of education ministries, educational institutions, and policy-makers. It provides results-based planning, implementation, and monitoring of education programs, enabling delivery of high quality education in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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Public Finance

Support The Automation & Integration Of Public Financial Management Processes

Efficient and responsible public financial management (PFM) is essential to a country’s macroeconomic growth and stability. For public authorities responsible for budgeting and allocating public expenditure and income, IT systems can be a critical tool. Information systems enable efficient gathering and organization of large quantities of budget data, and automation of key budget processes.

However, such systems are often complicated to use, expensive to implement, and difficult to change and integrate with other databases. Many government agencies operate multiple obsolete systems that contain similar data and do not readily share data with one another.

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Public Health

Capture And Analyze Medical Records Improve Management Of Vital To Providing Quality Patient Care

National level health statistics and epidemiological research provide invaluable sources of information for decision makers of local or international health interventions. However, very little of this data is ever directly linked to specific health initiatives and interventions. In order to draw better conclusions about health programs and make better decisions, it is important to track project data across national or programmatic stakeholders. This data should include funding figures, baseline and target values, and output, outcome, and impact indicators.

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Disaster Recovery

Monitoring & Analyzing Aid Flows And Improving Management Of Development Interventions

Major natural disasters often lead to a large and sudden influx of aid and assistance funds to the affected communities, which can create serious planning and coordination challenges for national and local authorities. A central obstacle is what can be called the information gap—the beneficiary government (as well as donor organizations and NGOs) lack readily accessible, timely, and reliable information about “who is doing what, where, and how”. This lack of information can result in duplicated or overlapping efforts.

Synergy’s award-winning post-disaster management solutions enable online, offline and mobile-based reporting and tracking of recovery and relief project funds and progress alongside needs/damages. GIS mapping and analytics help officials to plan and visualize recovery efforts to target the areas where they are needed most. This complete toolset promotes effective mobilization, utilization, and management of DRM resources, while improving transparency and accountability to citizens.

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Damion CampbellProgramme Manager, British Council
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ROIC supported the British Council in adapting, testing and implementing our Global M&E Toolkit in Jamaica for Social Enterprise in Secondary Schools Programme; a one of a kind project in the Americas. We were the first country office to utilise this toolkit, and with ROIC’s support we were able to reach and gather data from our beneficiaries islandwide at various levels and report back to our funders, partners and stakeholders the impact and reach of our programme. We are now able to utilise the M&E report developed by RIOC to establish future partnerships in line with our business development needs.