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Dwaine Forbes

Dwaine Forbes
Areas of Expertise

Dwaine has over 15 years of professional experience working across several industries. Over the years Dwaine has worked at Beaches Boscobel Resort and Golf Club as Grounds Manager. In the public sector, he has worked in the areas of strategic planning, youth development and research for the Real Estate Board, Child Development Agency and Ministry of Youth. Dwaine is also a Licensed Dealer Representative for the Canadian-based Heritage Education Funds International where he was also recognized as 2017 Rookie for the Caribbean and won several other awards.

Dwaine also has tremendous experience in the area of consulting where he worked for various clients. Some of the clients that he has worked for include Jamaica Stock Exchange, National Housing Trust, Tetra Tech DPK, Office of Social Entrepreneurship at the University of the West Indies, Mona and Timeliness Herbal Care Limited.

Dwaine takes learning seriously. He is a Certified Financial Education Instructor, National Financial Educators Council, USA. In addition, he has a master’s degree in Government, Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Services Management from the Jamaica Stock Exchange E-Campus, a Bachelor from the International University of the Caribbean. Dwaine is also passionate about community service and was recognized in 2018 by the Linstead Development Committee for his contribution to the development of Linstead.

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