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Measure What Matters to Improve Government Program and Service Effectiveness

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Many government organizations measure the easy stuff…and learn little about how programs and services are meeting citizen needs. Government budget meetings and hearings can quickly devolve into “arguments by vigorous assertion”, as program proponents strive to make strong defenses for their budget recommendations. Performance information, if it exists at all, usually consists of measurements of […]

How to Assess Your Strategic Management Maturity

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There are two basic questions to ask of management: are we doing things right, and are we doing the right things? Operational management focuses on doing things right, and many tools have been developed to improve this. In developing the Strategic Management Maturity Assessment (SMMA), the Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI) has broadened the concept of […]

Balanced Scorecard Essentials Overview

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Is your organization struggling with developing a solid, implementable and executable strategy? Do you have a step-by-step methodology to assist you in the successful development of a strategic management system? If unsure of how to develop your strategy, this overview of the Balanced Scorecard will provide you with some insight of how this powerful framework […]